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Not Sure What to Get Someone with Breast Cancer? Try These 13 Gifts

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November 22, 2023

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by Monica Haro


Medically Reviewed by:

Teresa Hagan Thomas PHD, BA, RN


by Monica Haro


Medically Reviewed by:

Teresa Hagan Thomas PHD, BA, RN


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Breast cancer is a deeply personal journey, but these thoughtful gifts can help you show your support.

Deciding on a gift can sometimes be a mental drain. Do you get something practical or something fun?

I, too, have wavered on whether it’s a good idea to get condition-specific gifts or stick with universal options, but fear not! I’ve got you covered with ideas in both directions. 

If you’re running dry on gift-giving ideas for a loved one in your life with breast cancer, I got you. Have fun exploring my suggestions!

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $25
  • $$ = $25–$75
  • $$$ = over $75
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My 13 gift ideas this holiday season

1. For a reminder that you matter: JAXKELLY Shower Affirmation Cards

  • Price: $

For the friend who loves positive affirmations, these JAXKELLY Shower Affirmation Cards can be a clever way to infuse good vibes into the day.

These reusable waterproof cards grip onto smooth surfaces when wet — think the shower wall, mirror, window, and more. This collection of affirmations offers themes ranging from grounding and self-love to abundance and boundaries.

2. For staying organized: Tamed Wild Monthly Planner & Reflection Journal Subscription

  • Price: $

The Tamed Wild Monthly Planner & Reflection Journal Subscription means you get a monthly planner and reflection journal delivered to your home each month. These planners can be beautiful spaces for so much more than just scheduling and journaling.

They offer:

  • reflection and writing prompts
  • ideas for building seasonal altars
  • self-care rituals
  • space to record tarot or oracle card pulls

Brain-stimulating activities are available, too, like puzzles and scavenger hunts, that might help with some of the brain fog associated with cancer.

I’ve found planners to be a great place to manually log cancer management notes, like medications, questions for my care team, and appointments. These act as a backup to reminders set in my phone — honestly, I need both with my lingering chemo brain!

3. For feeling your best: Dime Beauty Serum Set

  • Price: $$

Cancer treatment and years of hormone therapy maintenance have left my skin feeling dull and dry.

I’ve used this hydrating and brightening Dime Beauty Serum Set for about a year, and it’s become a fave in my skin care routine.

Plus, I approve of the simple and safe ingredients — they’re vegan, cruelty-free, and nontoxic.

4. For surrounding yourself with memories: Mixtiles Photo Wall Art

  • Price: $–$$$

Get your pictures out of the virtual space and into your living space with Mixtiles. I love how simple it is — all you do is select a frame style, upload your pictures, and order.

The great part is you can hang your pictures without nails. There’s an adhesive strip on the back, so just stick the photo to any clean, flat surface you’d like to. I have six framed Mixtiles that I’ve moved around on a whim without damaging the wall.

5. For getting out of the house: Fandango Gift Card

  • Price: $–$$$

When I was deep in my cancer treatment, fatigued, and feeling ugly from chemo, I went to a lot of movies. It felt good to get out into the world in a low pressure situation — all I had to do was sit, relax, and escape into the movie.

My son was only 5 years old when I was in treatment, and there were plenty of days I wasn’t up for running around the park with him. Movies gave us something to do together.

I have a lot of sweet memories of us seeing kids movies together and eating popcorn. I relied on movies again later when recovering from DIEP flap reconstruction.

That’s why a Fandango Gift Card could be a great option for your loved one who wants to get out without the pressure of socializing or the need to spend a lot of energy.

6. For a little pick-me-up: “Breast Wishes: Breast Cancer Oracle Cards

  • Price: $$

The “Breast Wishes: Breast Cancer Oracle Cards deck is offered by For the Breast of Us (FTBOU), an organization highlighting the experiences of women of color in the breast cancer community. Selecting a card can be like receiving a boost of love and light in the moments you need it most.

This pretty deck contains affirmations, advice, quotes, and uplifting songs designed by women of color affected by breast cancer.

By purchasing products from FTBOU, you’re supporting an organization centered on community and advocacy that empowers and educates people of color and their allies affected by breast cancer.

7. For creating deep connection: {THE AND} Relationship Card Game

  • Price: $$

Keeping with the card theme, {THE AND} Relationship Card Game can make for quality time in no time. I own four sets: the friends, family, dating, and stranger editions. Each one is great in its own right!

When guests visit, they now ask me if we can pull a few cards to get the conversation going. I also like using them once a month for some intentional time at the dinner table with my son.

We pull a few cards while we eat and get going on all kinds of topics, from vacation memories to gratitude to what we love about each other. It’s a fun, meaningful tool to connect through conversation.

8. For connecting from far away: Learn to bake French Macarons Airbnb Experience

  • Price: $$

Last year, my son and I attended a virtual Learn to bake French Macarons Airbnb experience organized by a friend for a group of us touched by breast cancer.

As a lovely baking pro guided us through the steps, we got to see everyone in their kitchens following along while feeling connected and enjoying the activity. Before the event, the facilitator sent us a detailed list of everything we’d need — from ingredients to kitchen tools.

This can be a great way to intentionally connect with folks you can’t get together with in person.

9. For when you need to remember: Artmolds Breast Friend Casting Kit

  • Price: $$$

If I could go back in time to before my mastectomy, I would absolutely do a breast mold like this Artmolds Breast Friend Casting Kit. I wish I knew about it then.

I believe in finding ways to create intentional rituals during times of transition, like having your breasts removed. It provides a space to connect with yourself and honor what’s changing while you process the big feelings that come with it.

Maybe you want to keep your mold and create an art piece, or maybe you want to get rid of it afterward. The point is to give yourself some ceremony to process and commemorate a changing body.

10. For sweetening your space: Atomic Garden Sanctuary Candle

  • Price: $$

Candles are a simple and ever-popular gift. To me, these Atomic Garden Sanctuary Candles smell divine with a light scent of lavender essential oil, and they’re offered by a small local seller in Oakland, California’s Rockridge neighborhood.

They’re made of 100% natural beeswax, which means you may not be burning anything questionable, with a 90-hour burn time.

11. For chemo curls: l’ange Hot Brush

  • Price: $$$

A hot brush, like a hair brush and blow dryer in one, can add some oomph to hair that’s lost some life from chemo or hormone therapy.

This l’ange Hot Brush can help add volume and style to flat, limp hair without the need for a salon’s worth of styling tools.

I would have loved to have this hot brush when I was managing my weird and wild chemo regrowth. Some heat would have helped tame things for sure!

12. For honoring your journey: GLDN Au Naturel Boobs Necklace

  • Price: $$

Breast cancer is something no one should have to go through, and losing your natural breasts can be hard.

The cute GLDN Au Naturel Boobs Necklace is a way to honor the breast cancer journey and normalize the ways our breasts may change in the process.

Whatever your chest looks like after breast cancer deserves to be celebrated, and these pendants can do a great job of it. Wear your chest-inclusivity around your neck with pride. You’re gorgeous!

13. For turning heads: SKIMS Ultimate Nipple Push-Up Bra

  • Price: $$

I don’t think Kim Kardashian had the breast cancer community in mind when she created the SKIMS Ultimate Nipple Push-Up Bra, but they caught my attention!

This could be a great option for those who want a little extra nip postsurgery, though there’s currently a wait-list at time of writing.

I lost my nipples and would love to add this bra to my wardrobe for those times I want to add a certain eye-catching look to my outfit.

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I hope this list helps you have fun with your holiday shopping and gives you the confidence to give to a breast cancer survivor in your life.

May it bring smiles to you and your gift recipients!

Medically reviewed on November 22, 2023

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Connect with thousands of members and find support through daily live chats, curated resources, and one-to-one messaging.

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About the author

Monica Haro

Monica was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where she is raising her son. She loves staying connected to the breast cancer community through her work as the community guide for Bezzy BC, and as production assistant with Wildfire Magazine. After her cancer diagnosis, she has a passion for volunteering, and serves on the board of directors with her local support group, Bay Area Young Survivors. Monica loves creative expression through writing and art. She has shown her breast cancer advocacy exhibit “Reconstructed: A Breast Cancer Documentation Project” with El Comalito Collective in Vallejo, California several times over the years. You can connect with her on Instagram.

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